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“Awaken Lightworker is a phenomenal workshop.”

4 days later and still feeling the impact. Understanding that we can learn life lessons in a lighter way. Thank you Kristel for the way you teach your students, it’s such a wonderful feeling being a part of your workshops. I always feel safe when I attend your workshops. You are truly inspiring .

Roxanne N.

“You’ll love it.”

The Awaken Lightworker workshop was a great experience. I came into the course full of questions and left feeling enlightened, sure of myself and life. The Soul Retrieval part was one of my favorite parts! It is hard to condense the experience of this amazing weekend workshop into just a few lines- just do it for yourself! You’ll love it!

Alicia H.


“She has a wonderful gift.”

Kristel gave me a beautiful reading. She gave me many signs and messages from my loved ones that were very specific and comforting. A lot of my questions to my loved ones were answered without asking. She has a wonderful gift. Thank you!

Sandra O.

“Will be back next year.”

Had a great reading with Kristel. Will be back next year. Looking forward to exploring some classes.

— Neila R.


Had a wonderful reading today & I just really appreciate all the signs, symbols and confirmation from my loved one she is with me. Thank you! Worth the almost year wait!

Jackie T.


“Amazing Workshop!”

I am very grateful for the opportunity to attend Kristel's Basic ThetaHealing class! After taking the workshop I felt my trust, faith and connection to Spirit increase. In the Theta state I feel very connected to Spirit! Thank-you Kristel for the amazing workshop!

— Kaitlyn C.

“Highly recommend the workshops!”

I attended the Spiritual Development one and loved it. Kristel is an amazing teacher ; the workshop is fun and packed with info that reaches from quantum physics to self development and everything in between. LOVED IT! Cant wait to attend the other workshops as well! The staff is super friendly too and the location layout is just beautiful and makes you feel like home.

— Alicia V.


"Sense of Peace and Joy."

I'm so thankful after hearing all the messages last night and a personal one for me I have such a sense of peace and joy. I’m so thankful for and positively altered because of my time and experience with Kristel.

— Pausha M.

"It was so Amazing!"

My husband and I had a Medium reading with Kristel the other day. It was so amazing - she was spot on with so many details and stories. And we have to let you know Kristel - we figured out who that biker was. Unbelievable! Thank you so much.

— Brenda T. 


A wonderful experience meeting my loved ones through Kristel. As soon as I got back to my car I realised who the pet Charlie was, even though we couldn't clarify it at the time. It was Harley. I recommend definitely taking a tape recorder with you. So much information, in such a short time. Thank you Kristel.

— Margaret I.


"Truly a Unique Experience!"

My sister and I had the privilege of attending a group reading in Toronto. We were fortunate enough to have a message from our mother, grandmother and a family friend. Truly a unique experience. Kristel is a gifted and approachable person. Thank you!

— Bethelene H. 

"I Really Enjoyed This!!!!"

Kristel was amazing and felt so comfortable with her... She was bang on with everything... I highly recommend her to anyone and look forward to joining her courses.

— Courtney B. 


“Thoroughly enjoyed IET training with Kristel!!”

I've been there so often this spring it feels like home!! Thank you Kristel for your kindness and all that you are so willing to share!

— Carolynn M. 

“100% accurate!”

My son and I had a private reading with Kristel. We were able to connect with our son/brother and it was amazing. 100% accurate! My son was skeptical to attend but is now a believer. Never thought I would see that day! My sincere thanks Kristel. I will be back.

— Marci C.


Thank You, thank you Kristel for the lovely reading. Wayne was able to connect with his long deceased Father who passed very suddenly, and couldn't say goodbye. We so enjoyed the messages we got, and all the information that made us feel unbelievably great!! Thank you again!!

— Wayne & Pat


“I was absolutely amazed ...”

with my reading with Kristel. I was hoping to hear from my boyfriend who had passed last May, and it happened. I was able to let go a lot of the guilt I had been carrying with me and he confirmed many details about our relationship and time together. He knew I had written him letters as he read them, I had asked him to mention my tattoo that I had in his memory and he did! And of course said I should have gone bigger. It was an amazing experience and I would highly recommend Kristel to anyone looking to connect with their loved ones.

— Kristy S.

"Kristel definitely has been given a gift.”

I’ve seen her many times in a group but yesterday I had my first private session with her. She told me things she would have no way of knowing except through a divine connection. There was something she told me that I wasn’t sure about and it just happened today! It was hard for me to keep a straight face at my meeting this afternoon… all I could think about was how she “saw this” yesterday. I urge anyone reading this to make an appointment to see her. You won’t be disappointed.

— Rhonda


“I would highly recommend!!”

I did a small group reading with a couple friends from work., we all have December Birthdays thought it would be a great way to start the New Year. We were all very pleased on how accurate and right on she was with all of our readings, gave us all a sense of peace.. I would highly recommend!! Very pleased. 

— Michelle

“I am grateful for the gifts you share.”

Without that help I would not be facing my fears and blockages. You have single mindedly shown me the way and helped me heal.

— Polly C.


I had a private reading with Kristel and it was an amazing experience. There was no doubt in my mind that my dad was communicating with me through Kristel. She told me plans for three trips that my boyfriend and I have and it was specific enough to know that my dad was telling her our plans. She also mentioned specific details of my life that there was no she would have know. I will definitely be booking another reading in the future and will recommend her to anyone who wants to have a reading done.

— Paige


“I will definitely go back.”

I had my first one on one reading with Kristel and she was amazing. I say first because I will definitely go back. It was so great to be connected with my loved ones and I left feeling so happy, grateful and just lighter than I have in a long time. Kristel is extremely comfortable to be around ... cause let's face it, talking to dead people can be a little overwhelming but she is very genuine, kind and has a great sense of humour about it. Thank you Kristel, I look forward to more workshops and readings in the future!

— Steph

"Amazing reading..."

I want to thank Kristel for the amazing reading last night. I was so happy and relieved to hear from the three people I wanted to hear from the most.

— Lisa


Thanks once again you far exceeded what I expected.

— Kevin G. 


"Thank you so much Kristel for sharing your gifts."

I've just taken a two day workshop on Spiritual Development and I am so grateful to be a part of it. Thank-you so much Kristel for sharing your gifts :) So looking forward to attending more of your workshops.

— Brenda

"Gifted teacher."

This fall I had the pleasure of attending the Beginning Mediumship class and the Mediumship Development Circle with Kristel. She is a gifted teacher and facilitator who is able to navigate and explain the realm of Spirit communication with such clarity. Her humor, empathy and wisdom allow us as students to relax into a process that is all at once exhilarating, fascinating and deeply humbling. As we are guided through exercises that teach us the necessary skills of connection and discernment, Kristel instills in us a deep sense of reverence for this work. I wish I could express in words the extent of my gratitude and appreciation. We are so fortunate to have this world class teacher and Medium in our own backyard.

— Rachel L. 


"True authentic reading."

My mother and I had our 2nd appointment with Kristel and again was absolutely amazing. Kristel brought up memories from my childhood that she would have never known. Her accuracy is incredible and I am so thankful to have found her. My visits with Kristel have offered me a sense of peace and have helped me emotionally deal with so many family I would have lost. I will continue to see her yearly and would highly recommend her if you want a TRUE authentic reading.

— Amanda

"I would definitely attend another workshop!"

I very much enjoyed the Moon Magic Workshop. Kristel is a great teacher and a very gifted person. I found it very interesting and learned so many things I wasn't aware of. I would definitely attend another workshop!

— Joan


Words cannot express how blessed I feel to have Kristel, Darcy and Divine Clarity in my life! They have been so inspiring and are helping me to become the woman I have always been meant to be! I am excited to continue working with them on this amazing spiritual journey! Lots of love!

— Teresa


"Kristel is the real deal." 

I just had a reading with her and she connected with my dad who past away 2 years ago and was spot on for very big to little details about my everyday life that no one wouldn't known. She help me so much by reconnecting with him which help so much with the grieving she is best I be going back Asap thank you so much from the bottom of my heart ♥ Kristel this meant the world to me would recommend anyone to go see her!

— Mikie G. 

"Wow amazing angel ..."

Truly amazing night admiring you in action spreading the messages from the loved ones in spirit world. Such grace, poise, with a kick of sense of humor. It was truly an amazing experience to be in attendance for. The love, the energy in the room, you sincerely know how to connect and convey with passion and empathy on all levels. Wow amazing angel, light worker you are, I am truly blessed to be able to be part of that experience! I send my gratitude! 

— Marcia


"I can't recommend these workshops enough!"

The ThetaHealing workshops Kristel teaches allowed me to put everything I learned by myself together and lift me up to the next level. Kristel's generosity, knowledge, experience and sense of humor are God send. I can't recommend these workshops enough!

— Sandrine Z.

"Thank you Kristel!!"

I had my reading with Kristel last night and it was incredible! She was bang on with all the information and I feel set free of the constraints that bound me. Thank you Kristel!!

— Nat


The rooms were very calming and beautiful with large Angel Statues all around. The meeting was very exciting and felt very relaxed, I would tell my friends and family to try out the different classes to feel connected and a peaceful solitude connection.

— Denise S.


"My reading touched me on a very deep level."

My mom insisted on delivering her message - my deepest regret was that she passed before I got married and had my three wonderful children - she said that she was there for every single thing and that she had not missed one event in their lives! Kristel was awesome and brought up so many perfect things - our cat (black and white) and my mom's jewelry that I go through every so often to feel close to her...thank you so much for touching my heart and letting me know my mom is ok, It was amazing to see spirit in the room - literally (lights) ...lol

— Judith C. 

"The reading was bang on ..."

I had a reading tonight it was amazing. It was a cool thing when the light flashed when she was asking for a sign if the spirit was connected to me. My brother sure gave us all a sign. The reading was bang on and I will definitely be booking a private reading. Thanks for doing what you do to connect us with our loved ones.

— Wendy L.


"Would love to see her again."

We attended the Gimli event on July 21/17. My daughter had given me a ticket for a Mother's Day gift, and it was very fitting that the second last reading of the evening was my mother who came through. Kristel was very accurate about information regarding my Mom and her love for music. She came through looking to talk with her daughter with the angel pin, which she had given me. I loved her sense of humour, and respected the fact that she didn't just want to make anything fit, but wanted the right information for the right person. I would definitely say she has a gift for healing the soul, and would loved to see her again.

— Linda B. 

"Kristel, you have made it possible for me to carry onward." 

Knowing that my husband will be with me forever and was ok with the difficult decisions I had to make before and after he died has given me more encouragement to move along. I always felt that he was with me but now I know for sure it is his presence I feel when I get up in the morning and go to bed at night. It was nice also for having my parents and various aunts drop in for a visit as well. My sister was so pleased to hear that my mother and father are together. I will most definitely make another appointment later down the road as this is a wonderful way to stay connected. Thank you so very much.

— Catherine L. 


I attended the Regina reading on June 3rd. Amazing night. So many excellent readings. The one that stood out the most for me was the very first one, which was a mother and her 20ish son, connecting with the brother who died. The spot on name, age, rode dirt bikes, and shot .22s. Just amazing. Look forward to future group readings here in Regina.

— Ben J. 


"She was a promised."

Thank you Kristel! My time with Kristel allowed me to not only connect with loved ones but in doing so helped me to receive a much needed message from family. As I process I am finding a gentle peace. To receive such strong validation of their presence I certainly connected to my loved ones. If you are thinking of taking this journey I recommend you see Kristel. She was as promised.

— Shirley M. 


"I felt very blessed ..."

to have had my loved ones come through for me, it was an amazing feeling. I feel more at ease knowing my mother came through, thank you so much Kristel, I sure will come back for another visit.

— Cheryl D. 


"An angel in disguise."

Kristel I can never say thank you enough after a reading I feel so at peace and happy knowing my husband is with me and family and is watching over us and to know that he loves us I thank you again so very much for sharing your gift and let us know how are loved ones are doing. An angel in disguise.

— Bertha F.


"Kristel is an excellent teacher."

She is gracious, engaging and so authentic. The shoppe is lovely and so are the staff. It's such a beautiful learning facility. Divine Clarity is a divine blessing!!!!

— Marlo B. 


My husband and I have had a reading every six months since our daughter passed two years ago. The connection with our daughter has helped us with our grief. Kristel you are such a caring compassionate person and we feel so comfortable being with you. Thank you so much.

— Charlene W. 


"Beyond enlightening ... "

I had a medium appointment with Kristel. It was beyond enlightening for me as I had the opportunity to connect with my parents who passed many decades before; along with messages from my best friend and soul sister - many loved ones. I left there feeling more whole and at peace. Thank you Kristel. I definitely will be coming back when I can. Many blessings.

— Kathy S. 

"I absolutely loved it."

I was given a reading with Kristel as a wedding gift. I absolutely loved it. Kristel was able to connect with my brother, grandfather, and a friend that had passed. I highly recommend Kristel.

— Ashley Z. 


"Kristel has a wonderful way of teaching."

She is filled with love and light and truly works in total authenticity. I am happy to have a teacher like her to guide us into being able to find our own authentic self. I also love that she has a great sense of humour as laughter itself is a healer.

— Susan S. 


"Blown away ..."

I saw her in Fargo and she was just wonderful! My family members that went we're blown away and all were so pleased by her. I hope she would come back because I have many friends who want to come too!

— Jodie H. 


Was at one of Kristel's group readings. Heart warmingly beautiful to witness this Powerful Divine Gift!!

— Helen K. 


"Kristel is absolutely authentic ... "

you will realize that within a couple minutes of your reading. It is worth the wait to get in with her! She is down to earth and makes you feel comfortable. I have nothing but amazing things to say, I already have my next reading booked!

— Amanda K. 

"She is a wonderful woman ... "

I have been for 3 medium readings now and I love it. I always leave feeling so at peace and loved more than ever. I don't know what I would have done without Kristel's assistance in connecting with loved ones passed. Since I have started readings with Kristel my life has changed for the better and I am happier than ever. She is a wonderful woman who is caring, compassionate and truly uses her gift to aid other people both here on earth and in spirit. Thank you Kristel for everything you have helped me through. There are no words to truly express my gratitude.

— Remee


"It was everything I was hoping for and more."

Thank you, Kristel for making it possible to hear from loved ones I've been missing so much! The experience was very comforting and will always stay with me. I especially appreciate that you encouraged me to record the session ... actually you did much more than encourage me! You found the app and loaded it on my phone for me! It's been wonderful to be able to play it all back. And the session began with a message for my husband from his father that he has needed to hear for a long time! It's wonderful to know our loved ones live on and are often so close by! Thank you! It was everything I was hoping for and more.

— Lisa L. 

"Kristel is amazing."

We have seen her twice and both times she gave so many guiding messages and detailed confirmations from our Mom and others who have passed that no one else could possibly know. She truly helped confirm our belief in spirits and how they help to guide us and provide support in trying times. Thanks again Kristel--we are so thankful.

— Sisters


I had the most amazing and loving visits from the other side. My mom, dad and brother, and two nephews, grandmother and auntie who came by to visit There are no words of how I felt hearing them. I will be going again. Thank you so much Kristel for helping me with your gifts that you have been given.

— Doreen J.


"Hello from the other side."

Some insight from a medium helped me solve a few of life's mysteries. So I had a great visit with my Mom and Dad and brother Bob on Valentine’s Day, even though they’ve been dead for a few years.

— Laurie Mustard, Winnipeg Free Press (read full article)


"Thanks for the great class!"

This class (Angelic Realm Practitioner Workshop) was fantastic. The material and presentation was terrific. Very informative; terrific personal examples. I hung on every word. Kristel is very interesting to listen to! Thanks for the great class! I learned a lot!

— Sheila T. 


"Kristel is an amazing lady!" 

She told us things that she could possibly not have known! She truly gets in touch with spirit!

— Sheila T. 

"Kristel is the real deal!!"

She told me something that no one knew except my mom and I! She is lovely! She glows with kindness and compassion! I was very impressed!"

— Donna


"Always a believer."

Kristel explained perfectly how she can speak to the spirits who are around me. I found this comforting and put me right at ease. I felt a quiet calm after the reading that I had not felt for a very long time. I have already booked another session with Kristel and I now have no hesitation that it will give me more comfort as I move on with my life.

— Janet

"Kristel is a fantastic teacher ..."

I have completed my Reiki Master certification with Kristel. Kristel is a fantastic teacher - she keeps it fun in her delivery and keeps it real. A very welcoming atmosphere. I was quite shy when beginning this journey but with gentle pushing from Kristel, coming out of that comfort zone, I have gained self confidence and much healing has taken place. Absolutely fantabulous journey!

— Christina


I had a delightful session with Kristel good to know my dad is smooth as ever and still has his sense of humour! Also comforting to know my mom is happy and both send me little clues to tell me they are around. Well worth the wait, Kristel is so gentle and understanding. Thank you.

— Janine C.


"My heart is full of peace and comfort." 

My mom came through at a group reading with Kristel. I can't even begin to explain the gratitude that I have to Kristel and my mom to make this possible. Also knowing that my daughter can see her as well just makes my heart swell. I thank you for sharing your gift with so many of us.

— Twylla

"Very calming aura."

LOVE being read! VERY calming aura, LOVE her :) Feel guilty if I don't share the experience it is SO amazing :) xoxoxxo!!

— Corinne


"Uncertainty Resolved"

OMG - I can't believe what Kristel was able to do for me. She brought my parents to me and I was able to resolve my guilt around their deaths. Thank you Kristel, this means so much to me.

— Joanne


"You have an amazing gift!"

My son, daughter and I had a private session with Kristel and it was an amazing, emotional and uplifting experience. She communicated some very specific personal details from my husband and mother who passed months apart. We were hoping for some clarity that our loved ones were with us and we definitely received that today. Thank you Kristel, you have an amazing gift!

— Lisa


Kristel's ability to demonstrate, convey and build an interest in the things that she has to teach, inform and enlighten the public on, is SO commendable. I will certainly be returning to build on what I learned on my first visit. Her facilities are clean, roomy and inviting whether it's in a large or small group setting or if it's one-on-one. She offers and provides such a complete 'package' there. Well done Divine Clarity!!

— Ron C.


"Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

I had a private reading from Kristel last night and I cannot thank you enough for giving me what I've been waiting a year and a half for. You connected me with my mother for the first time since her death and the details you gave me were astonishingly accurate. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are truly gifted.

— Meghan

"I am so grateful for this experience ..."

Kristel connected my mom and I to my grandpa, which was exactly what we needed. Losing him was the hardest thing I've ever experienced and hearing from him and knowing he is still with us gives me so much peace and happiness. She was extremely bang on with her messages. I am so grateful for this experience, it was truly amazing! Thank you so much Kristel for sharing your gift with us.

— Ashley


"I am grateful ..."

for Kristel's insights, positive attitude, discretion and her ability to be completely compassionate and empathetic with absolutely no judgement. I always leave our sessions feeling empowered and with a plan to move my life forward in positive ways. Kristel is down to earth, very easy to open up to and has an amazing sense of humour! She has helped me to believe that anything is possible. The only complaint I have is that our hour together always seems to go by so quickly!

— Brigitte

"Kristel did an amazing job ..."

at connecting me and my family with our loved ones!!  My personal experience - hearing from my grandma specifically was exactly what I had needed. Thank you Kristel for sharing your beautiful gift with so many people and I hope to learn from you someday myself.

— Tiffany


One of the most bang on readings & messages I've ever received. I'm truly appreciative that you were able to share your gift with me. Thank you!!

— Nicole


"We'll be back!"

Kristel, you made our day.  What a wonderful experience----& now I feel that all I have experienced since our Sons passing, is so real is actually true. He does visit us often.  Both Tom & I have been so comforted & we Thank You most Sincerely.  Our granddaughter Hillary came for a visit this evening & we both shared our experiences we had with you. Kristel, You Are Amazing & we are so Grateful to have had an opportunity to meet with you.  We'll be back!

— Ruth

"Truly amazed on the accuracy ..."

I attended a group reading with my best friend last night. My friend lost her son only a month ago to a tragic car accident and needed to hear from him to begin the slow healing process. Her son, Justin, was the first to come through and we were truly amazed on the accuracy of every single detail provided. Justin came through and was able to give his mom the ability to start the healing and to be able to try to rebuild her life and to be happy again. Kristel, you have an amazing gift to be able to bring happiness to other people. Thank you for making my friend feel again. It was a wonderful evening and you brought many people beautiful messages.

— Stacey


"Amazing experience."

I met Kristel when took an Angelic class with her. It was an amazing experience. I am out of town but I always try to stop by when I come to the city. I registered for the both Theta healing courses yesterday when I stopped to get some fantastic crystal books. The atmosphere in the shop is just beautiful, I never wanna leave. Love everything about it!

— Alyssa


"You are a light in the darkness."

Divine Clarity has been a place where Kristel has helped me see the light, where I can find my own peace through the creator and through myself. She has taught me that there is beauty everywhere...sometimes we just have to take a second look and thought. She has taught me how to feel comfortable with myself and to be confident in my own body, mind, spirit , and abilities. Thank you Kristel for helping so many people on this world. You are a light in the darkness. Blessings.

— Melissa F.


Words can not explain the joy one can feel when one gets to connect to a part of ones soul. Thank you.

— Sherry


"I have been blessed ..."

to have Kristel as my teacher and mentor since she first started teaching. I have taken a number of workshops from her and she is simply the best. In October of 2015, I had my first medium appointment with Kristel. This woman is so the real deal, so so gifted. I would encourage anyone who is awakening....or about to...to seek out Divine Clarity and participate in any number of workshops, teachings and medium appointments (group or private). Always a safe place for our spirits to grow, Kristel, Darcy, Nicolette and the rest of the staff make Divine Clarity a wonderful, fulfilling, inspirational place to be. I am so glad to have crossed paths....forever grateful Kristel!

— Patti T. 

"We felt so much peace ..."

My husband and I went for a reading with Kristel a few weeks ago and it was amazing. There is no doubt in my mind that she was connecting with loved ones. We felt so much peace after knowing that they are OK and that they are with us all the time.



"I can smile again."

My daughter recently passed away and I was needing to connect with her so badly. I received this appointment from someone who has seen Kristel in the past. I don't think Kristel understands what she actually did for me. She was so compassionate and caring. I honestly don't even know how to thank her for those words don't seem like enough. My grief was so fresh and she was still able to connect with my daughter. Kristel you have such an amazing gift and I am so honored to have been read by you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

— Lisa D.

"I have hope."

I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Kristel. Today was the closest I have felt to my son since he passed away. Kristel and I laughed and cried together, I experienced so many emotions. I have been searching for help, answers, clarification - just something, anything to help me cope with my loss. Today after seeing Kristel, I have all of the above and most importantly I have hope. I will be seeing Kristel again for another reading in the future.

— Nikki V.


I have seen Kristel 2 times and I am so loving her readings. She was great when I saw her in Brandon, MB. and then had a one on one visit. I had so many spirits come through. I sure would tell more people to see her on a one on one visit cause she is so great....even go to her reading she has in your area. May the spirits be with you.

— Wendy


"Wow what an inspiration." 

Through laughter and tears. My family of 16 as a group each had a lovely reading together and separately. Thank you so very much.

— Shirley

"Incredibly gifted person."

The workshops and healing sessions at Divine Clarity have been very beneficial and enlightening to my spiritual growth and healing business. Kristel's personal experiences and connection to spirit since childhood have made her a powerful teacher, medium, psychic, and healer who shares her personal journey throughout her workshops. Her knowledge, compassion and commitment to helping others shines in her work, and Winnipeg is very blessed to have this incredibly gifted person.

— Cindy M. 


"Very impressed and blown away by our messages."

I first met Kristel when I was looking for any help as I ventured into Angel cards and readings. Google took me right to an upcoming workshop in just what I wanted. The workshop was very informative and I immediately was drawn to how well Kristel delivered the workshop and how calming being around her was. Before leaving that day I booked a medium reading which I ended up giving to a friend for her birthday and called to book another for myself. We were both very impressed and blown away by our messages. I have since brought 9 others for a private group reading and all received messages that were very clear and obvious - one didn't realize some of the meaning at the time until going home and discussing with other family members. I also attended a group at Viscout Gort and although I personally didn't receive a message the ones given were very comforting to all. I've met with Darcy for a great past life reading and I will go back for more. AND now I soon get to visit the new location and enjoy Kristel's first group reading there. So very excited to be witness to the gifts these two share with us again!!!

— Sharon O.


"Thank you!"

Had the opportunity to go to a group reading Kristel was doing. I found her to be very interesting, easy to listen to, and very gentle and compassionate. I also attended a weekend IET workshop. I found it very interesting and use the techniques I learned toward living a more happy relaxed life. I have booked two more events and plan on doing more in the future. Thank you Kristel Kernaghan for sharing your great gifts.

— Darlene W.

"Real deal!"

My cousin and I had the opportunity to have a ½ hour reading with Kristel. Our reading with Kristel was amazing! Kristel was able to give confirmations and validations, and was also able to portray the personality and character of our loved ones. Love never dies, our loved ones are with us always. If you are ready for a reading, I highly recommend Kristel, she is the real deal! Thank you Kristel for giving us a half hour with our loved ones.

— Cindy


"Kristel has a true talent ..."

Me and my husband had a reading with Kristel recently and because this was our very first reading ever, we were a bit skeptic and nervous. We couldn't have had a better reading that left us feeling very fulfilled and provided such comfort and closure. Kristel has a true talent and extremely correct in validating evidence. I am so thankful to have connected with my father one more time and hope to continue to do so in the future. Thanks again... xo

— Elizabeth

"Very fulfilling and emotional."

My Father and I had a Reading this afternoon with Kristel today. Very fulfilling and emotional. Kristel has a real talent for speaking with our loved ones. Truly a connection I've been waiting to make for way too long. From my heart I thank you once again! Love you Cody Joss and miss you so much Son!! XOXO

— Kevin J



Thank you for sharing your gift with us all. It is a beautiful experience to go through and much heart felt to be able to connect to the other side. I am humbled by the gift given. Thank you from the heart.

— Polly


"Grateful mom of a workshop attendee."

After a concussion, my daughter started experiencing more "spiritual stuff" and was uncomfortable and scared. She couldn't sit still 20 min or write much, but surprisingly attended the entire Bridging Spirits workshop for 3 hours. All I can say is that she was a changed person - so at peace. She says she's no longer scared or sad. Kristel Thanks so so much for being so knowledgeable, kind, approachable and genuine. Obviously you love helping others. YOU ARE A GIFT.

— Michelle

"Gift from Heaven"

Kristel you are an amazing soul! My sisters and I just had a beautiful reading with Kristel and my parents came through. The feeling was amazing! It was so nice to have had the time with our parents especially around Christmas time. It truly was a special gift from Heaven. Thank you Kristel for sharing your gift with us. You bring joy and happiness to people in so many ways. Thank you so much. God Bless!

— Francesca


"Earth Angel!"

Wow my reading with Kristel was totally amazing! I was able to talk with my mother that had passed 23 years ago, and my dad and brother. Just knowing that they are still around watching over you when you have been going thru some pretty serious health issue. This session has given me a new boost on life. I strongly recommend Kristel as she is an earth Angel!

— Patricia

"Incredible experience of my life!"

Went for a medium reading with my Mom and sister, it was the first time for all of us. Let me tell you it was the most incredible experience of my life! Kristel is absolutely amazing! She shared things with us about our loved ones that was just so beautiful! I highly recommend Kristel! Will definitely go again one day! Thank you so much Kristel!

— Jamie


It seems to me that we are all gifted with many different sets of abilities. Some can run companies or countries while others are blessed with incredible gifts/abilities that have the potential to deliver powerful messages and knowledge that can have a profound effect on one's life. Kristel is one of these people! Her abilities are real, significant, diverse and reach to the highest level being. I don't think I've met a more gifted person in my 58 years of existence. From deep inside my soul I can only say that you won't regret your decision to engage Kristel and discover what you are intended to. Open your mind and soul then trust you own instincts to peer into one of life's amazing realms.

Mark Olson, President & CEO, Landstar Development Corporation


"You will never be disappointed."

OH my GOODNESS, the most amazing incredible insightful reading I have ever had. Kristel, gave me so much information with the time that we had. Many, many positive messages were sent to me from my loved one and from other's loved one for me to be a messager. I would highly recommend everyone to see Kristel at least once to find out for one's self the miracle of messages that are there for you to receive. You will never be disappointed.

— Heather

"Best reading!"

I've taken classes & have had a medium reading with Kristel. She is the most beautiful soul! She is an amazing teacher, & has a great sense of humour! Best reading my mom & I have ever had. Thank you for being you!

— Noella


Such a gifted woman! I was absolutely blown away with my reading! I will definitely recommend you to others. Thank you so very much! Can't wait to come back!

— Tanie L


"Thank you!"

I meet Kristel in March and since then there have been a lot of positive changes in my life. I love that through theta she guides me to see my blocks and brings things to the surface for me to heal. Most of all I appreciate how gentle she is with me so I can be gentle with my self. This has helped me be more open and patient with my healing. Looking forward to so much more healing. Thank You!

— Laura

"Kristel is a gifted healer, medium and being!"

Darcy is a bright gifted light! Had many experiences and highly recommend both, if your drawn, go for it , you'll be pleased and feel blessed!

— Marcy


"Truly gifted ..."

I was part of a group reading with Kristel and was amazed at her accuracy, kindness and empathy. She is truly gifted and I would recommend her services to anyone!

— Melissa B. 

"It truly does change your life."

I am truly grateful for both Kristel and Darcy. They are beings of true radiant light and love and it is greatly shown through their teachings. I have had the pleasure of being a student of Theta healing. Kristel is Right 'it truly Does change your life.' I look forward to enhancing my education with the any courses they have to offer. Thank you for being you!

— Ashleigh S.


I was looking to heal past issues and thoughts. A good friend of mind told me about Kristel. After my first session I left feeling lighter and hopeful along with some new ideas to help me with past negative beliefs. I look forward to seeing Kristel again for a Medium visit with my brother.

— Debbie Q.