Rev. Kristel Kernaghan of Winnipeg, MB, Canada offers individual, group and gallery Psychic Medium Readings as well as a large variety of healing modalities, and spiritual development classes. Kristel comes from a long family lineage of spiritually gifted individuals, including psychics, Mediums and healers. Kristel is a natural Psychic Medium, born with the gift of feeling, seeing and communicating with spirits, guides, and angels. 

As a child, Kristel quickly realized she was different in her visions, perspective of life, and spirituality. She innately had an in depth knowing as to why we’re on this planet, and a thirst for spiritual growth. However, she discerned it was best to keep her gifts and philosophical and spiritual understandings close to heart as she grew up in a very conservative Christian community with many viewing anything out of the religious scope as wrong or "witchy". Luckily, some of her family members were psychic and gifted in their own ways, and taught her to accept her gifts.   


Grief and loss of a loved one is one of the hardest emotions we experience as humans. Kristel truly understands the magnitude, shock and hardship of grief. She has lost numerous close loved ones, including a step-sister to a drug overdose. The most devastating was when Kristel, at the age of fifteen, felt her twenty-two-year-old brother, Sean, die in a small plane crash over 800 kilometers away in a different province while it was happening! Her family then had to wait a week to confirm what Kristel already knew (that he was in Spirit) while a Canadian Search and Rescue team, along with her Dad (a Pilot) and other brother searched for the plane crash site. 

After his passing, her brother, Sean, began to teach Kristel about the spiritual realms and what it was like in heaven. This experience catapulted her into the Spirit world at an even deeper level, and made her vividly aware of the interconnectedness of us all and Spirit. However, due to her extreme grief and leaving home at an early age she chose to suppress her Medium and spiritual gifts and pursue other “normal” avenues to build a life for herself.  

In her twenties, Kristel knew she was to fulfill a bigger purpose involving spirituality, healing and teaching, so she sought out a way to share her gifts. As Kristel grew up with a Grandmother who was a hands-on healer for over forty years, therefore choosing Reiki as her first formal modality, as very similar to how her Grandmother innately healed others. Kristel then became a certified Interfaith Non-Denominational Minister, and went on to learn a large variety of other healing modalities including ThetaHealing®, Core Shamanism, Integrated Energy Therapy®, Access Consciousness, Awakening the Illuminated Heart and more.   

Very quickly, those coming for sessions and classes recognized Kristel was naturally gifted in her connection to the Spirit world and healing abilities. It was during her private sessions Spirits in heaven kept asking for her guidance and for her to share their messages. Her brother, Sean (who is also a Psychic Medium), has also been a phenomenal guide on her journey and assisted her in embracing her abilities from the other side. Although Sean was happy to see her offering healing and teaching services, he was adamant she especially needed to accept and share her ability to connect with the spirit world through Mediumship.  

Initially, Kristel was extremely overwhelmed with being a conduit for love, however it reached a point where she realized herself being moved to tears with messages and feeling the grief was an aid rather than a hindrance in assisting others. To better her connection, she has trained with several of the worlds best Psychic Mediums. Since opening the door to loved ones in heaven, Spirit has profoundly guided Kristel's Mediumship path and she has assisted thousands in connecting with their loved ones in Spirit to confirm there is life after life! 

Kristel is internationally trained and certified:  Ordained Interfaith Non-Denominational Minister, Advanced Mediumship Training at The Arthur Findlay College and abroad with numerous world renowned Psychic Mediums, Certified ThetaHealing® Practitioner & Instructor, Certified Reiki Master & Instructor, Certified Integrated Energy Therapy® Master & Instructor, Certified Angel Messenger Practitioner®, Certified Aromatherapy Practitioner, Certified Veterinary Hospital Assistant & Office Assistant, Certified Animal Healing Practitioner & Instructor (Reiki & IET), Certified Quality Assurance Manager, Awakening the Illuminated Heart Practitioner, Foundation for Shamanic Studies Practitioner, Soul Retrieval Practitioner

Divine Clarity Spiritual Centre & Metaphysical Shoppe

Divine Clarity was created in 2007, which has now grown into the large Divine Clarity Spiritual Centre & Metaphysical Shoppe located at 2071 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Her husband, Darcy, joined her in 2013. Darcy is a phenomenal Healer and Hypnotherapist offering a variety of services. You can learn more about Darcy and his services here.

Kristel has a passion for teaching, and assisting others to heal, grow and awaken. She is an exceptional intuitive and channel and uses her gifts to assist clients in a variety of healing sessions, workshops, and public speaking. She has an authentic playful nature that adds fun and lightness to her events!

Kristel teaches over 45 workshops a year within North America, including over 25 different topics and healing modalities. She is phenomenally grateful and humbled to be of service doing what she loves and living her purpose "Bridging Spirits" and sharing "Divine Clarity" with the world!