How Medium Readings Work

It is scientifically proven we are energy, and energy can never die or cease to exist, however it can transform and change. We are literally a trillion cells vibrating faster than our physical senses can perceive.  

In each cell there is the physical molecular structure. There is also have the mind component: the essence of your personality, your thoughts, feelings, memories and experiences. And the spirit component: the divine spark of God/Source/Creator. When we die, the physical part goes back to mother earth, however our mind and spirit live on. When someone dies, their frequency becomes very high as they shed their physical body and negative thoughts and feelings from their human life, which is why the average person can no longer feel or sense them.

As a Psychic Medium, Kristel is able to raise her frequency to very high levels while your loved ones in Spirit lower their frequency and Kristel and the Spirits meet in the middle to mediate – hence the term “Medium." Kristel then uses her heightened psychic senses to feel, see, hear, know, and even taste and smell messages from your loved ones! 

As an Evidential Medium, Kristel will connect with your loved ones in Spirit (human or animals) and provide validating messages to confirm it is them by sharing their personalities and characteristics: how they passed, bringing up past memories, talking about your past or current events to confirm they are still with you, and any other information the spirits feel will validate their existence and connection to you.  

Please note that very similar to a regular conversation you may have with loved ones, neither you nor Kristel choose what details or evidence each Spirit will bring through, so it is important to release expectations (such as, I must hear her say “Yellow Canary” to know this is real) and know they will still provide valid evidence to confirm they are with you.

Those who have experienced Kristel's divine connection commonly share they truly feel their loved ones, and their lives are positively changed!

Private Medium Readings

Local Readings:

Individual and group readings are held in person at Divine Clarity Spiritual Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Kristel offers a professional, comfortable, and beautiful space for clients to come to. Her private reading room can accommodate up to eight people, and a larger teaching studio for bigger groups. 

Long Distance Readings:

Individual and group readings can be done via Skype or FaceTime only. Please email your preference once you have booked an appointment. Prepayment will be required for all long distance sessions.

Wait Time: 

Kristel is currently booking ahead for private sessions approximately 10-12 months. If no appointment time shows up, please call us at 204-223-8778 and we can manually book the appointment for you. To be added to our cancellation list you must first book an appointment. Once you have booked your session please contact Divine Clarity Spiritual Centre by email or call 204-223-8778. Should an opening become available sooner than your scheduled appointment we will contact you.

Have More Questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more!

Gallery Medium Readings

Gallery Medium Readings are a demonstration for individuals to witness the beauty of messages being delivered and a great opportunity to possibly get a reading with Kristel sooner.  Kristel will channel evidential messages from your loved ones in Spirit to confirm life after life by sharing their personalities and characteristics, bringing up past memories, talking about your current events to confirm they are still with you, and any other information they feel will validate their existence and connection to you. She will channel as many messages as possible within the time frame. Spirit also has a way of weaving messages through so those who aren't personally read will feel like they still received messages.  


View Kristel live in a Galley Reading below...



Well, I am still in awe.

"Well I am still in awe. Kristel was absolutely amazing. She has a gift like no other and in turn gave me a gift no one else could. She is simply fabulous. Everything she said was 100% accurate and left me with messages from my loved one that has helped me heal and feel better knowing that my loved one is doing great in the spirit world. Thank you ever so much. My next session is already booked."

— Kim K. 

This is truly her calling.

"My first experience was for a personal reading with Kristel. I was so pleased, beyond any expectations I may have had. I was able to connect with my parents, my husband's mother and my daughter. Even our pooch was present! I am in awe of this amazing experience and so Blessed to have had the chance for this time with Kristel. She is so wonderful connecting with the Spirit World. This is truly her calling."

— Joanne

I'm thankful for my reading.

"It gave me peace in knowing my love ones are in a good place and heating the messages of love and forgiveness. I always believed that there is a spirit world out there but hearing specific messages for me has made me believe even more. Thank you for being an instrument for so many."

— Rose