Psychic Medium,  Spiritual Minister, Teacher & Healer

Medium Readings

Kristel offers private individual, group and gallery readings.   
Click on the "View Rates & Book Online Now" button to view her next available session times and book what works for you.  If no openings are shown, please call Reception at 204-223-8778 to book. 

A Medium Reading is to connect with your loved ones in Spirit. Evidential Psychic Medium Kristel Kernaghan offers individual and group Medium Readings in person, or worldwide via phone or video chat.  Kristel is a natural Psychic Medium, born with the gift of feeling, seeing and communicating with spirits, guides, and angels.  

Local readings (individual and groups) are done in person at Divine Clarity Spiritual Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  Kristel offers a professional, comfortable, and beautiful space for clients to come.  Her private reading room can accommodate up to eight people, and a larger teaching studio for bigger groups. 
Long Distance Readings worldwide can be done via phone, Skype and Facetime .Simply state preference in notes area when booking.  Prepayment will be required for all long distance sessions.

Wait Time: Kristel is currently booking around 10-12 months ahead, however once you have an official appointment booked you can then be added to her cancellation list to possibly get in sooner.  When booking an appointment make a note you wish to be added to the cancellation list.
Please read the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below. And contact us if you have any questions.

How Medium Readings work

It is scientifically proven we are energy, and energy can never die or cease to exist, however it can transform and change.  We are literally a trillion cells vibrating faster than our physical senses can perceive. 

In each cell you have the physical molecular structure. You also have the mind component, the essence of your personality, your thoughts, feelings, memories and experiences.  And the spirit component, the divine spark of God/Source/Creator.  When we die the physical part goes back to mother earth, however our mind and spirit live on.  When someone dies their frequency becomes very high as they shed their physical body and negative thoughts and feelings from their human life, which is why the average person can no longer feel or sense them.

As a Psychic Medium Kristel is able to raise her frequency to very high levels while your loved ones in Spirit lower their frequency and Kristel and the Spirits meet in the middle to mediate – hence the term “Medium”.   Kristel then uses her heightened psychic senses to feel, see, hear, know and even taste and smell messages from your loved ones! 

As an Evidential Medium, Kristel will connect with your loved ones in spirit (human or animals) and provide validating messages to confirm it is them by sharing their personalities and characteristics, how they passed, bringing up past memories, talking about your past or current events to confirm they are still with you, and any other information the Spirits feel will validate their existence and connection to you. 

Please note very similar to a regular conversation you may have with loved ones, neither you nor Kristel choose what details or evidence each Spirit will bring through, so it is important to release expectations (such as I must hear her say “Yellow Canary” to know this is real) and know they will still provide valid evidence to confirm they are with you.

Those who have experienced Kristel's divine connection commonly share they truly feel their loved ones, and their lives are positively changed!

Group Medium Readings

Kristel travels offering large public group medium readings.  During a group reading she will channel as many evidential messages as possible within the time frame.  Spirit also has a way of weaving messages through so those who aren't personally read will feel like they still received messages, and find the event healing and lightening. 

As Kristel has a significant wait list to see her for private readings (around one year) group readings give people an opportunity to connect with their loves ones sooner. 

Frequently asked questions

How can I best prepare for a reading?

The stronger your desire to connect with your loved ones, the better the reading will be so please ask them (mentally or out loud) before the reading to show up.  The most important thing is to be open and release all expectations.  When someone comes in angry, closed off, or fixated on receiving specific messages it makes it hard for Spirit to flow.   Also remember what we think is important may not be to Spirit.  We ask Spirit to bring forth the best messages to assist you in healing and knowing they are only a thought away.

Can I record the reading?

Yes! It is suggested clients bring a recorder or use "voice memo" on their phone as a lot information is given in a reading and one may forget the details.  Recording is suggested over note taking so the client can be present in the moment. 

I’m not sure I believe in the afterlife, can I still attend?

The spirit world isn’t dependent on your belief it exists.  As an evidential Medium Kristel will provide valid evidence by sharing details only you would know to confirm your loved ones live on, and are with you daily.  That said if you are negative or arrogant, or have poor intentions the Spirits may feel disrespected and not want to share.  This rarely happens, and usually Kristel is able to bridge the gap.  

I am scared of getting a reading, is that normal?

It is somewhat natural to be nervous of something new, however there is never a reason to be scared as readings are always a positive loving experience!   Readings are simply you sitting in a comfortable space while Kristel verbally provides messages from your loved ones to confirm they are with you.  You will quickly see there is nothing weird or scary.   As Kristel is also a Spiritual Minister she is delivering messages in the highest and best way.

Can I choose who I talk to in a reading?

Initially Kristel will channel messages from your loved ones in Spirit as they choose to connect (without any information from you) however she will also give you an opportunity to speak to anyone you would like to.  That said she cannot guarantee who comes through or the messages and signs they bring.  Also note anyone you know in Spirit is fair game to come through!  This can include old neighbors, a close family friend, etc.  Spirits want to be heard and let their loved ones know they are safe in heaven and may use this opportunity to say hello.  They are often polite and won’t take up too much time if not directly connected to you.  On average Kristel will channel 4-8 spirits per session.

Will Kristel ask me questions?

In the reading Kristel will bring forth information and all you have to do is out loud say “Yes” or “No”.   Very similar to being on a phone call it is important you acknowledge you understand and it makes sense so Kristel knows she has the right “caller” for you.  Any other information you provide is totally up to you.

Can I ask questions?

Yes you can ask any question you want, however know Spirit may not always answer or answer in the way you want...  Again they will bring forth the most healing messages appropriate for your own healing and growth.  Please don't use a Medium Reading to figure out will or estate issues.  Medium readings are to provide evidence of your loved one in Spirit, not to rectify family or legal disputes.  If Kristel feels you are negatively motivated for a session, Kristel may elect to end the session at her discretion and you will still be charged.

Do I need to bring an item of my loved ones for Kristel to connect to them?

No, Kristel doesn’t need an item to connect with your loved ones essence however you are more than welcome to bring one.   Quite often someone will bring or wear an item and your loved one will reference it as evidence, however again it is important to release expectations.

Can I change the number of people to attend?

Yes you can increase the number to attend if staying within the same pre-booked time frame (ex. 60, 90 or 120 minutes).  However it is requested you don't reduce the number of people as in Kristel’s experience their loved ones will still show up and come through in the reading, and it can be hard for others to validate the messages if they don’t know the spirits well enough.   Bookings for 5 or more people cannot be reduced in numbers and will be charged accordingly should less show up as Kristel has arranged her schedule to accommodate the reading time and size.

Does Kristel offer in house readings?

No.  To maintain a high level of professionalism and to avoid a "home party" environment Kristel does not offer medium readings in personal homes.   However we have a beautiful, large, comfortable location for you to come for a reading.

Does Kristel travel to provide readings?

If in a professional location, and enough interest she will.  You can contact us for more information.  Also view her upcoming Group Tour Dates to see if she is coming to a location near you!

Can I bring in a support person?

No, as Spirit will bring messages through for them as well.  So the readings are charged per person, even if just bringing someone in for support. And yes kids count in these numbers.

Can I bring children?

No babies or children under the age of 14 years old please. 

Do we all have to be connecting to the same spirits?

No.  If several people come together for a reading wanting to connect to different spirits, Kristel will just divide the time and readings according to the number of people present. 

Will everyone in a group reading get a reading?

In smaller groups (under 15) Kristel will do her absolute best (and usually succeeds) to give everyone a reading, however it can not be guaranteed.

Can I ask questions about people still alive who are not at the reading?

Kristel will not consciously ask details about others as unethical (and you wouldn’t want someone getting details about you in their reading!).  However your loved ones in Spirit may volunteer basic or detailed information to confirm they are around other family members or friends they care about and you are connected to.  Sometimes they may even specifically give messages for you to give to others!

My loved one just crossed over, how long should I wait to get a reading?

Even though Kristel can usually connect with them right away, it is recommended to wait a couple months.   This will give you some time to process their passing and you’ll be more open to receiving messages when you do come. 

How often can I come for a reading?

It is recommended to wait a few months in between readings.  Kristel also teaches a class called ‘Bridging Spirits’ where people can learn to connect with their loved ones in spirit on their own. 

Does Kristel research clients or keep notes after a session?

No!  Kristel is phenomenally busy seeing hundreds of clients a year and has zero desire or time to research clients before they come.   In fact the less she knows, the easier to read you!   She also provides details to validate your loved ones existence that is beyond what is commonly written or posted online.   Only your contact information in our online booking system is kept on file.  She doesn’t keep notes as to who you connected with, and as she sees so many clients she often forgets the details.  So if you were to come back for another reading, it is like a new experience to her, and she commonly will have no conscious idea what spirits or messages were channeled previously.  So sessions may be similar or totally different!

How long is the wait time for a reading?

Right now Kristel is currently booking around a year ahead, however once you have a booked session you can request to be added to our cancellation list to possibly get in sooner.   Only those with a booked session will be added to our cancellation list.

Does Kristel have testimonials on the validity of her readings?

Yes!  You can read testimonials clients voluntarily posted here. 

Can I ask questions about Heaven and the afterlife?

Yes!  Kristel has had a lot experience traveling to the spiritual realms to connect with her loved ones, and connecting with other spirits to learn about life after life.  She also provides in depth information on this in a variety of her workshops Bridging Spirits and Spiritual Development Module 3.