Psychic Medium Kristel Kernaghan will channel evidential messages from your loved ones in Spirit to confirm life after life by sharing their personalities and characteristics, bringing up past memories, talking about your current events to confirm they are still with you, and any other information they feel will validate their existence and connection to you.

She will channel as many messages as possible within the time frame. Spirit also has a way of weaving messages through so those who aren't personally read will feel like they still received messages


General Admission 

Rush seating to attend a 90 minute reading. There are no breaks during this time. Doors open 30 minutes prior to the event. Attending does not guarantee a reading. 

VIP Admission 

Intimate & Interactive!

Includes seating in first few rows (rush seating) and a gift. After the 90 minute gallery reading you will receive an extra 30 minutes with Kristel. During this time she will answer questions and give additional readings. Doors open 30 minutes prior to the event. There are a limited number of VIP admissions available. Attending does not guarantee a reading.

Booking is quick & easy!

Simply follow the link to be taken to our booking website where you can view upcoming Gallery Events and purchase your virtual tickets to attend your chosen event. 



Truly a Unique Experience!

"My sister and I had the privilege of attending a group reading in Toronto. We were fortunate enough to have a message from our mother, grandmother and a family friend. Truly a unique experience. Kristel is a gifted and approachable person. Thank you!"

— Bethelene H. 

I Really Enjoyed This!!!!

"Kristel was amazing and felt so comfortable with her... She was bang on with everything... I highly recommend her to anyone and look forward to joining her courses."

— Courtney B. 

I'm So Thankful...

"After hearing all the messages last night and a personal one for me I have such a sense of peace and joy. I’m so thankful for and positively altered because of my time and experience with Kristel."

— Pausha M.

Want Kristel to Come to Your City?

To inquire about Kristel's upcoming events or to suggest a location, contact Divine Clarity Reception.

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